martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

Role events!

Students of year 6, received a very special visit last week. Two  managers, Rober to and Hugo from Role events, came to the school to talk to them.
They talked about their job. It´s fantastic!
They have got a lot of musical groups, artists and  they help them, to get concerts, to get famous, etc.
The students were really excited about it and they made a lot of questions!
They were really happy with the talk!

Later they will make a project about this fantastic interview.
They are really good reporters!

jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2016


Today is Thanksgiving!
Do you know the typical food of today?
You can practice with this funny video!

Yummy yummy!!!

Good morning, breakfast!


Students of 1st of Secondary have taken part into an interdisciplinary Project, with the involvement of the teachers of Biology, Arts and Crafts and English.
Here are some activities they have done:

- building of a nutritional pyramid

- creation of a healthy weekly menú

- sharing a healthy breakfast at school

We hope they have learnt the importance of healthy nutrition and….
hope they have enjoyed it!